Love beautiful balloon garlands but feel daunted by the idea of DIY? Want to know how some people make it look so easy and seem to create stunning balloon garlands each and every time?

Let me introduce you to your new bestie – the balloon decorating strip! This secret little superpower makes the process of creating your own DIY balloon garland at home dead-set easy AND it's included in all of our Balloon Garland Kits. Watch my video tutorial below to see a demo of the balloon decorating strip in action. It’s part of our simple six-step process to creating your own DIY balloon garland – the easy way!

If you’re looking for confidence and skills to create your own masterpiece (minus the stress and last-minute panic) then this is for you.

See! Easy-peasy. Now you've seen this secret weapon in action for yourself, don't let the fear of DIY hold you back.

April 20, 2020