Balloon garlands have become the go-to decoration for parties, events, and celebrations, bringing the good party vibes to any space. If you've ever admired those awe-inspiring balloon installations on Instagram or Pinterest and wondered how to create one yourself, the answer lies in DIY Balloon Garland Kits. In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know, from what a Balloon Garland is to why you should consider having one for your next celebration.


What Is A Balloon Garland?

A balloon garland is an eye-catching party decoration made by stringing together a variety of balloons to create a beautiful, flowing arrangement.

Balloon garlands come in various colours, sizes, and styles, making them versatile for different themes and occasions like birthdays, weddings, or baby showers.

Whether you prefer a vibrant and playful look or a chic and sophisticated vibe, a balloon garland allows you to express your creativity and will bring so much fun to your celebrations.


Custom diy balloon garland kit for birthday party

Image features a custom order for child's birthday party. 

Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit for 4th birthday dinosaur themed birthday. Colours: blue, eucalyptus and white sand.

Image features a Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit created for @likebyleo


What Are DIY Balloon Garland Kits?

DIY balloon garland kits are all-in-one packages that provide you with the essentials to effortlessly create stunning balloon garlands. These kits are designed for both beginners and experienced decorators, offering a convenient and time-saving solution for transforming any space into memorable party setting.

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What Makes DIY Kits So Popular?

  1. Convenience: One of the primary reasons party planners love a DIY balloon garland kit is the convenience it offers. Everything you need is neatly packaged in one box, delivered to your door, eliminating the need to source individual materials and ensuring a stress-free decorating experience.

  2. Cost-Effective: Purchasing a DIY balloon garland kit is more cost-effective than hiring a party decorator or sourcing individual materials. Our kits include premium quality balloons, a dual-action balloon pump, decorating strip, glue dots, access to video tutorials, and step-by-step instructions – all at a bundled price.

  3. Time-Saving: DIY balloon garland kits streamline the decorating process, saving you time and effort. With all the necessary components provided, you can focus on creating a beautiful arrangement without the stress of gathering supplies.


DIY Balloon Garland Kit


What's Included in the Kit?

  1. Premium Quality Balloons: The key to a stunning balloon garland lies in the quality of the balloons. Our kits include premium balloons in an assortment of colours and sizes, ensuring durability and a vibrant, professional finish.

  2. Dual-Action Balloon Pump: Say goodbye to sore cheeks from endless hours of balloon blowing. Our DIY balloon garland kits come with a dual-action balloon pump, making the inflation process quick and easy.

  3. Decorating Strip: The decorating strip serves as the foundation for your balloon garland. It helps you achieve a uniform and visually appealing arrangement by keeping the balloons in place.

  4. Glue Dots: Securely attach mini balloons to the finished balloon garland with the included glue dots. These small adhesive dots provide a strong hold ensuring your balloons stay in place throughout the event.

  5. Access to Video Tutorials: For those who prefer visual guidance, our kits include access to video tutorials. These tutorials walk you through the entire process, offering tips and tricks for creating a professional-looking balloon garland.

  6. Step-by-Step Instructions: Clear and concise step-by-step instructions to assemble your DIY balloon garland kit. Whether you're a decorating novice or a seasoned pro, these instructions guide you through the process, ensuring a successful result.


Pastel Balloon Garland featured at Kids Birthday Party

Image features our Le Macaron DIY Balloon Garland Kit (upsize) by @likedbyleo

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What types of Balloon Garlands Are Available?

We offer Custom Orders, Regular & Luxe Balloon Garland Kits. These kits are designed to match different styles, budgets and preferences, each bringing its own features to the party scene.

Regular Balloon Garland Kits:

  • Single-layered balloons
  • Colors similar to the pre-inflated balloon colour
  • Ideal for vibrant and straightforward designs

Luxe Balloon Garland Kits:

  • Double-layered balloons (two-in-one)
  • Rich and opaque colours due to the combination of two separate colours and balloon layers
  • Creates a professional and sophisticated finish

Custom Balloon Garland Kits:

  • Your choice of single or double-layered balloons
  • Ideal for personalised party themes
  • Ability to create unique colour combinations
Design your own Balloon Garland


While both options exude high quality and good party vibes, the Luxe Collection is recommended for those seeking a truly professional finish.


Difference in balloon types - regular and double-layered balloons

Left: "Pastel Pop" DIY Balloon Garland Kit  Right: "Boho Rainbow" DIY Garland Kit


How Do I Assemble A Balloon Garland?

Creating a beautiful balloon garland is a breeze with the help of a DIY kit. Follow these simple steps to transform your space into a memorable party celebration...

Step 1: Inflate balloons using the pump included in your kit. Say goodbye to manual inflation! The dual-action balloon pump provided ensures a quick and efficient process, saving you time and effort.

Step 2: Attach balloons to the decorating strip (included) by threading the lip of the balloon into the hole. The decorating strip serves as the foundation for your garland, allowing you to achieve a uniform arrangement effortlessly.

Step 3: Repeat this process with your regular and large balloons. Experiment with colour combinations and consider if you want to mix or block the colours of the garland.

Step 4: Use glue dots provided to secure mini balloons in place. Precision is key when it comes to securing mini balloons, and the glue dots provided ensure a strong hold.

Step 5: Hang your garland in place & party! 🥳 Once your garland is assembled, it's time to showcase your creativity. Hang it in your desired location and get ready to celebrate in style.

Pro Tip: Watch our video tutorial below for a visual guide and additional tips.


How to Make a Balloon Garland

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How Do I Display A Balloon Garland?

1. Use a Wooden Arch

If you're looking for a stunning backdrop and professional touch to your event, hanging your balloon garland on a wooden arch is the way to go.

You can hire these from a local event hire store or create your own (we love a DIY) by following our tutorial here.

Assemble the wooden arch, paint it to suit the theme of your party and ensure it's sturdy and secure. Build your balloon garland using your DIY Kit

Then, simply attach your balloon garland to the arch using clear fishing line or string and removable hooks placed on the back of the arch. Finally, position the wooden arch as a centrepiece or against a wall, and watch as your balloon garland turns heads and becomes the backdrop for all the pics and memories made at your party.


Mermaid party with balloon garlands displayed on wooden arch

Image features custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit on wooden arch.


2. Use a Balloon Stand

Balloon stands come in various sizes and designs, allowing you to create unique configurations to suit your party theme and the space you're holding the event. They're perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. You can hire them from a local event hire store or purchase your balloon stand here and see how easy they are to assemble below. Our picture (below) are taken on a 2m balloon stand and are perfect for our regular (3.5m) and upsize (5m) garlands.

To hang your balloon garland on a stand, start by assembling your balloon garland kit. Next, use fishing line or string to thread through the balloon decorating strip and secure it to the stand. Place the balloon stand in a well thought out position, such as near the party entrance or by the dessert table ready for the cake pics, and get ready to amaze your guests.


Into the wild balloon garland kit. Balloons in shades of green for safari style celebration.

Image features "Into the Wild" DIY Balloon Garland Kit on 2m Balloon Stand.


3. Attach To A Wall

Looking for versatility and ease? Attaching your balloon garland to the wall using command hooks is your best option.

Command hooks are temporary stick-on wall hooks that don't leave any residue when removed, making them perfect for party decorations. 

Start by assembling your DIY Balloon Garland Kit following the direction included. Once ready, attach the command hooks to the wall in a pattern that matches your desired garland shape. Hang your balloon garland by securing the fishing line or string to the decorating strip and then onto the hooks. Feel free to get creative with the arrangement, as the possibilities are endless. This method is ideal for indoor or outdoor spaces and provides an effortless way to add a vibrant burst of colour to any area!


Balloon garland attached to wall

Image features custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit attached to wall. 

Construction themed balloon garland kit

Image features "Diggin' It" DIY Balloon Garland Kit attached to wall.


DIY balloon garland kits offer a convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving solution for transforming any space into memorable party setting. With premium quality balloons, essential accessories, and helpful resources, these kits make it easy for anyone to unleash their creativity and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a stunning balloon garland for their next celebration.

Elevate your party décor and make a lasting impression with the simplicity and elegance of a DIY balloon garland kit.