Hello 2024 and Happy New Year Party People. We love the new energy and all the good vibes that come with this time of year. It's an opportunity to turn the page, set new goals and it's the perfect time to reflect on the year that was so you can get clear on what you'd like to see more or less of in the new year.

Speaking of what you'd like to see more of, we're super excited to share our predictions for the top party trends of 2024. There is a bunch of fun, creativity and connection to be found in party planning and celebrating this year.

If you're getting ready to party in 2024, let's explore the top 10 party trends for this year, shall we?


2024 Party Trend

#1 Small Guest Lists are IN

Creating a smaller guest list for your 2024 celebrations has a bunch of benefits, creating an intimate and wholesome experience that larger gatherings may struggle to achieve.

Picture this: a cozy group of close friends and family, where everyone's laughter and stories can be heard, and connections are deepened. With a smaller circle, you have the chance to create genuine moments, share heartfelt conversations, and really be present with each other. Plus, the options for fun experiences become limitless! Whether it's a candle lit dinner party, a themed game night, or an adventure-filled weekend getaway, smaller guest lists allow for a more meaningful celebration. It's the quality of the shared experience and time spent together that becomes the highlight, making the celebration a cherished and unforgettable occasion.


2024 Party Trend

#2 Laidback and DIY on the Rise

It comes as no surprise to us here at The Pop-Up Party Co. that DIY parties with laidback vibes are on the rise. We know you love a good DIY as much as we do. There is so much joy in creating the decorations and atmosphere for your event + the money you save. It's a no brainer.

Not only do you get to unleash your creativity and save some dollars with a DIY party, the reason laidback celebrations will be trending this year is the simple fact that we're becoming more attuned to why we host a gathering in the first place... For everyone (including YOU) to enjoy. So in 2024, reduce the party-planning stress and embrace a causal celebration if that means you'll look back and smile at the memory.


2024 Party Trend

#3 Niche Themes

In the party scene of 2024, embracing niche themes will be the hottest trend, and for good reason! Gone are the days of generic gatherings – niche themes add a personalised touch that turns your celebration into a one-of-a-kind. Whether it's a theme tailored to a hobby, a favourite character, or a specific object, colour or place, niche themes allow you to create an atmosphere that resonates and reflects who you really are. It's a move towards more authentic and meaningful celebrations.

So, in 2024, let's break free from the ordinary and embrace niche-themed parties – where every detail tells a story and every moment feels uniquely crafted for the occasion.


2024 Party Trend

#4 Balloon Decor

This long-standing party trend isn't going anywhere this year. We've seen the rise of balloon garlands in the past few years, becoming a popular must-have for events of all occasions and sizes, the perfect backdrop and focal point for your celebration. The ability to DIY a garland and create your own by customising the colours to suit your celebration is now easier than ever. With affordable DIY kits delivered to your door, you can embrace these balloon masterpieces at your 2024 events. Opt for high-quality, plastic-free and degradable balloons (like ours) to create your balloon decor this year!


2024 Party Trend

#5 Coordinated Guest Attire

The trending dress code for events in 2024 is so much fun! Coordinating guest attire with the party theme is genius. As a guest, it's not just about showing up – it's about becoming a part of the fun and memories that will make up your celebration.

The key to unlocking the full potential of this trend lies in encouraging creativity and self-expression from your guests. Encourage them to embrace the theme or occasion and come dressed in a costume, adopt a specific colour palette or embrace a particular style. For example, have your gender reveal guests come dressed in either pink or blue or celestial attire for your space-themed birthday party. After all, who said it was only the decorations that could create an epic atmosphere? It's time to invite your guests to join in on the fun!


2024 Party Trend

#6 Sustainable Decorations

It's not really a trend, more something we should all adopt and carry into the years ahead... we're talking about the use of sustainable decorations and tableware. It's not just about being eco-friendly; it's a celebration of responsibility and conscious choices. Embracing sustainability in your party planning is a testament to your commitment to this beautiful planet. It's a small step that collectively makes a significant impact. Opting for degradable balloons, recyclable, or reusable materials for tableware and decorations, not only minimises waste but sets a tone for mindful celebrations. Your guests will appreciate the effort, and together, you create an atmosphere that not only will you enjoy but also leaves a positive impression on others and the environment.


2024 Party Trend

#7 Creative Party Food & Drinks

Creativity takes centre stage in the realm of food and drink this year! It's an opportunity to consider what you want to serve and how you'll offer it to your guests in an experience that will add to the overall party atmosphere. Imagine party treats transformed into edible art, from party-themed shapes to quirky and smile-inducing arrangements. Creative food and drink items add a dynamic element to your party, sparking conversations and igniting the senses. So, may your 2024 celebrations, every bite and sip, be a delightful adventure. 


2024 Party Trend

#8 Thoughtful Party Favours

In 2024, the party trend that's coming in hot is thoughtful party favours. We are recognising the significance of showing gratitude to our guests, a tangible thank-you for being part of a special celebration - the focus is on thoughtful and considerate parting gifts.

Whether it's a small potted plant or a scented candle that spreads warmth long after the celebration, or simple handmade treasures like baked goods, the value lies in the personal touch. So, as you plan your 2024 parties, consider the lasting impression thoughtful party favours can make, leaving your guests not only with cherished memories but also with a thoughtful memento that reflects the heart and soul of your celebration.


2024 Party Trend

#9 Bright & Bold Colours

It's back for another year and even brighter and bolder this time! In 2024, we can expect to see bright colour palettes incorporated across all party themes and occasions. Imagine a sweet baby "First Bee Day" but with bold pops of yellow, or a traditionally pastel "Ice-Cream" theme turned into a rainbow dream with bright bursts of colour. We love a pastel and natural theme too, don't get us wrong, but the joy and instant excitement that is evoked by fun and bright party decor is second to none. So, step into the wonderful world of colour this year and turn your celebrations into bold burst of fun and joy.


2024 Party Trend

#10 Picnic Parties & Backyard Bashes

Our last but not least party trend for 2024, celebrations in the great outdoors. Who doesn't love a good picnic or backyard bash? Considering 2024 is all about laidback and connection-focused gatherings, we expect to see the continuation of hosting picnic parties at local parks, beaches and in your own backyards. 

The versatility of picnic themes allows you to effortlessly blend nature's backdrop with thoughtful decorations, creating an atmosphere that feels both intimate and carefree. These outdoor celebrations offer a relaxed setting, creating space for genuine connections and allowing guests to appreciate the joy of togetherness. So, in 2024, let your parties be a breath of fresh air and bask in the joy that a simple celebration in the outdoors has to offer.


There you have it! Our top 10 party predications for 2024. Gear up for an exciting year of celebrations filled with thoughtful themes, eco-conscious choices, and unforgettable experiences. Whatever theme you choose, make it uniquely yours, and let the good times roll! We hope this year is full of reasons to celebrate for you and your loved ones. 

Here's to moments becoming lasting memories 🥂


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January 05, 2024