Christmas is just around the corner, and it's time to start getting into the festive spirit.

Whether you're planning a traditional Christmas dinner, a laid-back BBQ, or a buffet spread, creating the perfect atmosphere for your Christmas party is easy with these 5 steps.


Step 1. Dress the Table

First things first, decide whether you will use your table for the base or a table cloth. Depending on your theme, you can use a white, coloured or a subtle pattern for your cover.



Step 2. Roll Out a Table Runner

Using a table runner adds colour and texture to your setting and defines where to place your table decorations. You can use a long piece of coloured cloth, sheer fabric or recycle some left over wrapping paper to create your runner.


Step 3. Creative Christmas Centrepiece

Showcasing a centerpiece in the middle of your table to really set the tone for your festive feast. You can shop our range of fun and traditional table centrepieces or with a touch of DIY magic, you can transform your holiday gathering into a truly memorable event. So, roll up your sleeves and let's explore some delightful ideas for crafting your very own Christmas centerpiece.

1. Whimsical Vases and Blooms:

For a classic and timeless centrepiece, consider using a collection of decorative vases and a selection of seasonal blooms. You can mix and match different vase shapes and sizes for added visual interest. Traditional red and white roses, holly, and evergreen branches create an elegant and festive ambiance. Place them in your vases and arrange them in the center of your table for a touch of natural beauty.

2. Candlelit Elegance:

Candles have a magical way of infusing warmth and charm into any setting. To create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, gather a variety of candles in different heights and shapes. Opt for white or red candles to keep the Christmas theme alive. Place them in decorative candle holders or simply let them stand on their own amidst a bed of faux snow or shiny baubles. The soft glow of candlelight will instantly transform your dining space into a winter wonderland.

3. Lush Greenery:

Embrace the beauty of nature by using greenery as the star of your centerpiece. Gather fresh or artificial evergreen branches, pinecones, and sprigs of holly. Arrange these elements in the center of your table, creating a lush and textured centerpiece. You can even add some sparkling fairy lights to evoke the enchantment of a winter forest. This greenery-centered centerpiece brings a touch of rustic charm to your holiday table.

4. Candy Cane Delight:

If you're looking for a playful and whimsical centerpiece, consider incorporating candy canes into your design. You can easily craft a candy cane bouquet by securing a bunch of candy canes with a festive ribbon. Place the bouquet in a decorative vase or mason jar filled with colorful holiday candies. Not only does this centerpiece look adorable, but it also doubles as a sweet treat for your guests.

5. Pine Cone Paradise:

For a natural and rustic touch, pine cones can take center stage in your DIY Christmas centerpiece. Collect a variety of pine cones, big and small, and arrange them in the middle of your table. You can paint the tips with white or gold for a snowy effect. Add a few sprigs of evergreen, and voilà! You've created a woodland-inspired centerpiece that's both charming and budget-friendly.



Step 4. Set the Tableware

Place the following tableware down in a stack: place mats (optional), dinner plates, napkins and cutlery on top. Alternatively, you can place the napkins
beside your dinner plate and add the cutlery on top of the napkin. On either side of your setting place a Christmas cup and party hat (optional). 


Step 5. The Final Touches

Welcome your guests to their seat with a reindeer name card, Christmas cracker or
candy cane. You can also display the menu on your table or nearby for your guests. If this is an adult party, you can also add a wine glass.



And there you have it, party people! We've taken you on a merry journey through the five essential steps to set the table for a Christmas party. Your festive celebration is now just a few fun and creative steps away from perfection. The holiday season is all about joy, warmth, and creating unforgettable memories with loved ones, and your beautifully set table will be the heart of it all.

But, before you dive into your party planning adventure, remember that we're here to make your Christmas preparation even more enjoyable and convenient. We've got all the Christmas Party Supplies you need to bring your table-setting dreams to life! You can view the range of Christmas decorations, tableware and more here.

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Here's to creating loving and lasting memories this Christmas!


November 01, 2023