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Our signature DIY balloon garland kits are fully-inclusive and contain everything you need to create a masterpiece without the hassle and stress! With over 40 different colour combinations, there is one of our DIY balloon garland kits to suit every occasion and every location.

Our kits are available in three different sizes - Mini 1.5m, Regular 3.5m and Upsize 5m - each containing a range of balloons in different sizes to achieve a perfectly styled garland.

What's included in a DIY Balloon Garland Kit?

Literally, everything you need to quickly and easily make a stunning, professional-quality balloon garland.

Our REGULAR SIZE balloon garland kits include everything you need to create a 3.5m balloon garland.

You will receive:

🎈 60-65 regular (30cm) balloons

🎈 20 x mini (12cm) balloons in matching colours

🎈 2 x large balloons in matching colours

🎈 Balloon decorating strip

🎈 Hand pump

🎈 Glue dots

🎈 Step by step instructions (with photos) for assembly

🎈 Access to our video tutorial 

Our UPSIZE balloon garland kits contain everything listed above but in larger quantities to create a 5m garland. 

Our MINI balloon garland kits contain everything listed above but in smaller quantities to create a 1.5m garland and excludes the large 60cm balloons.

How do I make a Balloon Garland?

Inside your DIY Kit you'll have access to our video tutorial which steps you through how to create your garland in just a few minutes.

The process is simple:

  1. Inflate the balloons using your balloon pump
  2. Pull the ends of each balloon through the decorating strip
  3. Add your mini balloons using the glue dots
  4. Hang your garland
  5. Party 🥳

Everything you need to assemble the garland (including the balloons, pump, decorating strip and glue dots) is included in your DIY kit.

What sizes are available?

Our DIY Kits come in 3 sizes:

Mini 1.5m
Regular 3.5m (most popular)
Upsize 5m

The Mini Balloon Garland is perfect for smaller celebrations or intimate birthday set-ups.

The Regular Balloon Garland is our most popular size and is perfect for all occasions.

The Upsize Balloon Garland makes a big impact and is perfect for events.