Top 10 Trending Boy Birthday Themes


Time to celebrate your Son? ūü•į

We know you want to create a loving and fun memory for your little one. We also know that planning your child's birthday party can be overwhelming (especially if this is your first baby). We're here to help! Ditch the party planning overwhelm and let's get this party planning underway right now - first thing on the to-do, pick your party theme!

Whether your son loves to surf the waves, dig into construction fun, or explore the wild, there's a theme for every adventure. Grab your party hats and get ready to celebrate in style with these top 10 trending boy birthday themes.


1. Surf's Up Coastal Celebration

Ride the waves of excitement with the popular coastal theme! Transform your party space into a beach paradise with our "Surf's Up" DIY Balloon Garland Kit. Deck out the area with shades of blue and sandy hues, surfboards, and palm trees. Serve up tropical treats like fruit skewers, beach-themed cupcakes, and mocktails in coconut cups. Plan beach games like a limbo contest, beach ball relay, or sandcastle building competition to keep the party rolling. Hang loose and let the good vibes flow with this rad coastal bash!


Boys Birthday Coastal Party Theme

 Left: Customer pic featuring "Surf's Up" DIY Garland Right: Customer pic featuring Custom Garland


2. Bear-y Exciting Adventure

Embark on a bear-y exciting adventure with a bear-themed birthday bash! Bring the wilderness indoors with rustic decorations, woodland creatures, and cozy bear accents. Choose your own colour combination with our Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit and add the perfect touch of beary-themed fun. Serve up picnic-style snacks like bear-shaped cookies, trail mix, and sandwiches. Get creative with activities like a bear scavenger hunt, bear mask crafting, or a camp style story time. It's sure to be a roaring good time for all the little cubs!


Bear-y First Birthday Party Theme

Image: Customer pic features a Luxe Custom Order of double stuffed balloons in colours Latte, White Sand, Muted Pastel Blue & White.


3. Constructing Fun

Get ready to dig into a construction-themed extravaganza with our "Diggin' It" DIY Balloon Garland Kit! Transform your party space into a construction zone with caution tape, traffic signs, and plenty of construction vehicles. Serve up snacks like "dirt" pudding cups, tool-shaped cookies, and mini sliders. Keep the little builders entertained with activities like a sand and truck sensory bin, a cardboard box building station, or a mini hammering competition. With our DIY Balloon Garland bringing all the good vibes, this party is sure to be a construction masterpiece!


Diggin' It Construction Party Theme

Construction Third Birthday Party
Images: Customer pics featuring our "Diggin' It" DIY Balloon Garland Kit

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4. Out-of-this-World Space Adventure

Blast off into an out-of-this-world space adventure! Create a galaxy-inspired atmosphere with twinkling lights, glowing stars, and planet decorations. Choose your own colour combination for a DIY Balloon Garland Kit. Serve cosmic snacks like moon rock popcorn, rocket-shaped sandwiches, and constellation cupcakes. Keep the party soaring with space-themed games like a moonwalk race, alien invasion tag, or rocket ship bean bag toss. Send guests home with their own DIY painted space rocks or astronaut helmets for a stellar party favour they'll love.

Space Party Theme

Space Party Theme

Image: Customer picture of Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit

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5. Dinosaur Expedition

Embark on a prehistoric adventure with a dinosaur expedition! Transform your party space into a lush Dino jungle with dinosaur footprints, ferns, and volcanic decorations. Our best seller "Lush" DIY Ballon Garland Kit will help set the party scene. Serve up snacks like dino-shaped chicken nuggets, fossil cookies, and dinosaur egg cake pops. Keep the little paleontologists entertained with activities like a fossil excavation dig, dinosaur egg hunt, or dino-themed relay races. It's sure to be a roaring good time with these ancient giants!

Dinosaur Party Decorations

Dinosaur party theme

Image features our "Lush" DIY Balloon Garland Kit & tableware from our Dinosaur Collection. 

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6. Superhero Spectacular

Calling all superheroes for a spectacular birthday bash! Choose your sons favourite hero (Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, etc) and transform your party space into a superhero headquarters with a Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit in the superhero colours, superhero masks, and capes. Serve up snacks like hero shaped cookies, power-packed punch, and superhero cupcakes. Keep the little heroes entertained with activities like a superhero training course, a villain capture game, or a superhero photo booth. This party is sure to save the day!


7. Pirate Plunder Party

Set sail for adventure with a pirate plunder party! Transform your party space into a swashbuckling ship with pirate flags, treasure chests, and gold coins. Serve up snacks like fish and chips, cannonball cake pops, and pirate punch. Keep the little buccaneers entertained with activities like a treasure hunt, walk the plank game, or pirate ship crafting. With our DIY balloon garland setting the scene, this party is sure to be a treasure trove of fun!

Pirate party moodboard


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8. Safari Expedition

Embark on a wild safari adventure and welcome your guests into the wild! Transform your party space into a jungle playground with our "Into the Wild" DIY Balloon Garland Kit, animal prints, jungle vines, and safari decorations. Serve up snacks like safari trail mix, lion cupcakes, and jungle juice. Keep the little explorers entertained with activities like a safari scavenger hunt, jungle obstacle course, or animal mask crafting. This safari theme party is sure to be a roaring success!


Safari Party Theme

ÔĽŅImage features our "Into the Wild" DIY Balloon Garland Kit and safari tableware

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9. Sports All-Star Celebration

Score big with a sports all-star celebration! Transform your party space into a sports arena with jerseys, pennants, and scoreboard decorations. Create your own Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit in your son's favourite team colours. Serve up snacks like stadium hot dogs, referee pretzel rods, and sports-themed cupcakes. Keep the little athletes entertained with activities like a mini Olympics competition, sports trivia game, or obstacle course relay race. With our DIY balloon garland adding a pop of color, this party is sure to be a slam dunk!


10. Video Game Voyage

Embark on an epic gaming adventure with a Video Game Voyage party theme! Transform your space into a pixelated paradise with vibrant decorations inspired by popular games like Super Mario, Minecraft and Roblox and create your own Balloon Garland Kit in your sons favourite game colours. Set up gaming stations for multiplayer fun and host challenges like Minecraft building competitions or Roblox scavenger hunts. Fuel up with themed snacks and power drinks, then send guests home with loot bags filled with gaming-inspired goodies. Get ready to level up the fun with this epic celebration!

Video Game Inspired Birthday Party ThemesImage features customer pics with Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kits 


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March 05, 2024