Top 10 Trending Girl Birthday Party Themes


Celebrating your daughter's special day should be nothing short of magical and memorable ūüíę

We understand the importance of creating a magical atmosphere that reflects her unique personality. If you're feeling overwhelmed with party planning, fear not!

We've created a list of the top 10 trending girl birthday themes for 2024 to help you get started on planning the perfect celebration.


1. Berry Sweet Birthday Theme

Indulge in a fruity fiesta with a Berry Sweet Birthday Theme. Perfect for "Berry First Birthday" themes too. Infuse vibrant shades of berry hues throughout the decor, with sweet pops of pink and red. Design your own custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit with berry-coloured balloons that will tie the theme together.

For party outfits, think berry-print dresses or shirts paired with matching accessories like the handmade berry party hats from Our Little Deer. Serve fruit skewers with your favourite berries, strawberry shortcake cups, and berry shaped cookies. As for party favours, berry-scented lip balms or fruit-shaped squishy toys will be a delightful treat for your guests.

Image features customer pics @our.sunshiny.days (top) @sammy.ninness (bottom) of Custom DIY Balloon Garland. Cookies by @krumbsbykellie. Strawberry Party Hat by @our.little.deer


2. Enchanted Fairy Forest

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder with an Enchanted Fairy Forest theme. Transform your space into a fairy tale realm with soft pastel colors, twinkling lights, and delicate floral accents. Our "Wanderlust" DIY Balloon Garland Kit will sprinkle a touch of magic over the decor, featuring pearl tones of burgundy, soft peach, rose gold and pops of chrome in mauve and gold. 

For the perfect fairy-inspired outfit, consider a flowing pastel dress adorned with floral accessories. Indulge your guests with fairy wand fruit skewers, enchanted forest cupcakes with edible flowers, and sparkling fairy punch. As for party favours, mini bottles of fairy dust or flower crowns will leave them feeling truly enchanted.

 Image features: Wanderlust DIY Balloon Garland Kit and cake by @bakesbyher


3. Mermaid Magic

Dive deep into an underwater adventure with a Mermaid theme. Set the scene with shimmering hues of blues and greens, iridescent accents, and pops of pink and purple. Our DIY Balloon Garland, "Sweet Sorbet", perfectly mimic the colours of the ocean. Prefer a pastel rainbow for your Mermaid theme? Try our Le Macaron DIY Balloon Garland Kit instead.

For party outfits, think mermaid-inspired dresses or tops paired with sequinned skirts or leggings. Serve up under the sea popcorn mix, clamshell cookies, and mermaid punch with gummy fish for a delightful feast. As for party favours, mermaid tail gift bags full of sweet treats or seashell hair clips will make them feel like they're part of your underwater world.

Image features customer pic of Le Macaron DIY Balloon Garland Kit


4. Cosmic Adventure

Embark on a journey through the cosmos with a Cosmic Adventure theme. Deck out the party space with starry backdrops, shimmering metallic accents, and a fun colour palette of purples, lilac and blue. Design your own DIY Balloon Garland Kit and add an otherworldly touch with a mix of celestial colours and metallic accents.

For party outfits, think space-themed prints paired with metallic accessories. And don't forget to serve cosmic snacks like alien cupcakes with edible glitter, star-shaped sandwiches, and galaxy lemonade. As for party favours, glow-in-the-dark star stickers or starry accessories will send them on a stellar adventure.

Image features Sweet Sorbet DIY Balloon Garland Kit and party set-up by @party_plum


5. Garden Tea Party

Host a charming Garden Tea Party filled with elegance and fun. Set up quaint tea tables adorned with floral centerpieces, delicate china, and vintage teacups. Our DIY Balloon Garland, the "Peachy Keen", will complement the theme of soft pastel hues and floral accents.

For party outfits, think floral-print dresses paired with lace gloves and flower crowns. Serve classic cucumber tea sandwiches, flower-shaped sugar cookies, and iced herbal tea for a delightful tea party experience. For party favours, miniature tea sets or floral hair accessories will add a touch of charm to their day.

Cake Inspiration by Sweet Bakes

Image features cakes by @sweetbakes_

6. Daisy

Daisy themes have been a long standing favourite and it's easy to see why.  Decorate your space with a palette of vibrant yellows and whites, florals, and dainty daisy decorations. Our Giant Daisy foil balloons and a DIY Balloon Garland Kit will create the ultimate daisy party atmosphere.

For attire, opt for daisy-themed dresses paired with charming daisy headbands or floral accessories. Indulge in delightful treats such as daisy-shaped cookies, fruit skewers adorned with edible daisies, and a daisy themed cake. And for party favours, send guests home with daisy headbands or vibrant flower-themed play dough.

 Image features customer pic @georgie.mcelligott of Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit


7. DIY Craft Party

In an age where creativity is celebrated, a DIY craft party is the ultimate fun for creative and fun-loving girls. Young artists can unleash their imagination and create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Transform your space into a colourful studio filled with crafting supplies, glitter, and endless possibilities. 

Fuel creativity with delicious and colourful snacks that are both tasty and inspiring. Set up a snack table with a variety of treats such as fruit skewers, cheese and cracker platters, and veggie trays. Send guests home with a personalized keepsake to remember the creative fun they had at the party. Consider DIY craft kits, art supplies, or handmade creations that they can continue to enjoy long after the party is over.


8. Princess Palace

Roll out the royal carpet for a Princess Palace theme fit for royalty. Decorate the party space with regal hues like gold, purple, and pink, adorned with sparkling tiaras and glittering jewels.

For party outfits, opt for ballgown dresses paired with crowns or tiaras or have fun with classic dress ups. Serve crown-shaped sandwiches, royal icing cookies, and sparkling pink lemonade for a regal feast. As for party favours, tiara hair combs or princess wands will make them feel like true royalty.

Image features customer pic with Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit


9. Ice Cream Dreamland

Indulge in a sweet escape with an Ice Cream Dreamland theme. Set the dreamy party vibes with pops of pastel colours, sprinkle-covered everything, and whimsical decorations. Our DIY Balloon Garland Kits, the "Sweet Sorbet" or "Le Macaron" will add a sugary touch with its mix of pastel colours and shimmering accents.

For party outfits, think ice cream-inspired prints or pastel and shimmery pieces. You can DIY an ice cream sundae bar with assorted toppings, sprinkle-covered cake pops, and pastel-coloured milkshakes. As for party favours, ice cream cone bubbles or a fun gift bag of pastel goodies will add an extra layer of sweetness to their day.

 Image features Le Macaron DIY Balloon Garland Kit + cake inspiration made by @bakesbyher


10. Barbie

Get ready to step into a real world of pink and glam with a Barbie party. Channel your inner Barbie with decorations featuring pink everything, glittery accents like disco balls, and of course, Barbie dolls. Our "Malibu Girl" DIY Balloon Garland Kit is the perfect colour combo to get the party started.

Encourage your guests to rock their most fabulous Barbie-inspired outfits, whether it's sparkly dresses, tutus, or even Barbie-themed costumes. For refreshments, serve up some pink lemonade in fancy glasses and a Barbie-themed cake that's almost too pretty to eat.

Image: Customer pic @daniileaa featuring Malibu Girl DIY Balloon Garland Kit


With these top 10 girl birthday themes for 2024, you're sure to create an unforgettable celebration that will leave your daughter and her guests enchanted. Let's bring these magical ideas to life and make her special day one to remember!

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March 28, 2024