So, we are finally *starting* to see the back end of COVID-19 and are oh so ready to get planning celebrations – because, in all honesty – has there EVER been a time where we’ve been so appreciative of the simple act of celebrating with loved ones?

And so, how are you finding the party planning process? Overwhelming? Enjoyable? Or an interesting lil mix of both? That’s where, we, as always – come in to help. Do you want your party to WOW but not sure HOW? Read on to discover three tried and tested ways to really make your next party pop. We can guarantee – based on feedback from hundreds of happy customers – that each of these suggestions will bring maximum impact for minimal stress and effort.

Wow Factor Suggestion 1
The DIY Balloon Garland

If I had a dollar for every time somebody messaged me to tell me they cannot believe how straightforward the process of creating their own balloon garland from one of our kits was, I’m pretty sure I’d own an island in the Caribbean by now…or maybe a superyacht in Greece… you get the gist ;) The process of creating your very own balloon garland from one of our kits is unbelievably simple, and delivers an unrivalled level of wow factor that really steps your party up a notch. Everything you need is included, as are simple instructions and access to our video tutorial. You don’t need helium, and you don’t need lung power – the air pump to inflate is included in the kit and really makes the process straightforward. The best part of it all? The balloon garland can be constructed the day before the event to help minimise that pre-party panic on the day. Shop the full range of DIY balloon garland kits here or see some pics from happy customers below.

Wow Factor Suggestion 2
The DIY Balloon Bunch

The whole shebang of the balloon garland not for you? Totally get it and won’t be offended – we can still be friends ;) Sounds to me like the DIY balloon bunch kit is right up your alley. Providing an instant pop of colour and easily transportable around any venue, our balloon bunch kits are ideal either as a companion to our balloon garland kits (yes, there’s one to match each!) or are more than capable of standing proudly on their own. Each kit contains a mix of rubber latex balloons and foil feature balloons with pre-cut ribbons and a balloon weight – ready for you to simply inflate with helium and let the good times roll. Check out of range of balloon bunch kits here and see for yourself just how many options there really are.

Wow Factor Suggestion 3
The Pop-Up Party Pack

The secret weapon for the ultimate wow factor. Ok, so you’ve read both of the above suggestions and are torn between the options? Why not have both… and more?! Our newly launched Pop-Up Party Packs really are the definition of a one-stop shop for party supplies. The kits – available in three different sizes – include a DIY balloon garland kit (in your choice of size); matching balloon bunch kit; plates, cups, straws, napkins, candles, cake topper and number balloon. The packs really take the stress out of matching decorations with tableware – the work is all done for you! Available in a whopping 28 different colour combinations, you can view the full range here or see a few of our highlights in the pics below.

June 29, 2020