Let’s dig into some inspo for how to DIY a construction party set up for your little dirt lover’s birthday!  We’ll share some ideas for balloons, cakes, tableware, party bags and party food to help get your creativity cranking and in the (construction 😜) zone!


Balloons: Diggin' it

We created this DIY balloon garland kit specifically for construction themed parties.

We wanted to do our own spin on the traditional (and let’s face it - sometimes a bit tacky) orange/yellow/white/black vibe and create something that still incorporated those colours but with a more modern and fun twist to it.

So we mixed mustard and burnt orange with blue slate and soft mint and added in pops of silvers (can’t ignore the wheels, naturally) to bring together this fun combo. 

Pair it with our bunch kit (complete with digger feature foil balloon) for an instant pop of fun and awe for your little boy! 


Cake Inspiration

If you’re looking for cupcakes, we have the easiest cupcake hack on the planet - our Meri Meri cupcake kits! Simply bake your cupcakes in the cases provided, then ice and whack on the toppers (which come in four different truck and digger designs) to complete the look.  

We also recommend the awesome range of construction cake kits from our friends over at Bake Believe. These cake kits come with everything you need to build the cake - right down to the cake mix - and easy to follow instructions to decorate. So many fun options are on the website for construction theme so make sure you check them out!



We have two different tableware ranges to suit the construction theme, both equally up there on the cute factor!  You can shop the collection here.


Party Bag / Box

Our yellow treat boxes decorated with our construction sticker sets make the perfect treat boxes.  Pair it with cute little name tags and a message like ‘thanks for being part of our crew’ or ‘thanks for making my birthday loads of fun’ and fill with some mini-digger toys from the cheap shop and our tattoo packs. 


Party Food

Keeping with the theme of construction, you can create a "refuelling station" of party drinks and food for your guests to enjoy.

You may like to serve your favourite party snacks in fun accessories such as toy builder hats or the back of toy dump trucks. You can also label your party foods with construction related words.

Here are some of our fav ideas for construction themed party foods:

"Build your own Burger" where the guests help themselves in a fun play on the construction theme. You can also mix this up and create tacos or croissants etc instead.

Create traffic lights but cutting circles of strawberries, pineapple and kiwi fruit and push them onto a straw.

"Dirt Piles" are a sweet treat of chocolate mousse served in individual cups with crumbled cookie on top. You could also create the classic chocolate crackles as your dirt piles too.


Looking for a quick and easy way to literally pop-up a construction party?
Check out our Construction Chaos Luxe Party Pack here.



February 01, 2023