Considering buying a balloon garland but trying to wade your way through all the balloon lingo to work out what type of balloons you actually need? We know it can get overwhelming (balloons are complex creatures 😜) so let’s nut out a few of the key differences between regular and double-stuffed (luxe) balloon garlands to help you decide.



1. What is the difference in how they look?

Regular balloon garlands consist of a single layered balloon. They are a premium quality, ‘normal’ looking balloon. All our balloons are plant-based made from a natural latex and are 100% plastic-free.

Luxe balloon garlands consist of two balloons (sometimes both the same colour; sometimes two different colours) layered together to create one balloon when inflated - quite literally two in one. 

2. How do the colours appear when inflated?

When inflated, the colour will be very similar to the original balloon (sometimes slightly lighter).

Double-stuffed balloons create rich and opaque colours due to the combination of the two layers.

If two different colours are layered together, the true colour will emerge once inflated (for example - cocoa on the inside plus blush on the outside will create a sandy beige when inflated).  Double-stuffed balloons can also create soft muted colours by adding a layer of white over the top of an original colour (for example blue with a layer of white over the top will create soft muted pastel blue).


3. How do I tie them?

As a normal balloon - pull the neck, wrap around and tie.

Two different methods to tie double-stuffed balloons - really depends on your personal preference.  You can watch a demo of both methods on our tutorial page here.

4. How do I inflate them?

Insert the dual-action pump (provided in your kit) into the neck of the balloon and inflate, being careful not to allow air to release as you’re pumping.

Do not separate the balloons - simply insert the pump into the neck of the double-layered balloon and inflate as you would a normal balloon.  The true colour will emerge upon inflation.


5. Which type of balloons do stylists generally use?

90% of the time stylists will use double-stuffed balloons which is why professional balloon garlands appear opaque and vibrant and/or muted in colour.


6. My balloons have arrived in the box but they don’t look the right colour?

Inflate them first! With double-stuffed balloons, the true colour emerges upon inflation so balloons will always look different in the box before inflation. 


7. Why are luxe garlands more expensive than regular?

Because we use literally double the number of balloons (two in one, remember) and we have to manually layer them together… with a very sophisticated tool otherwise known as a chopstick 😆



February 07, 2023