Planning your next event and unsure which Balloon Garland Kit size you need? We offer 3 sizes in our DIY Balloon Garlands: mini 1.5m, regular 3.5m and upsize 5m.

There's a few things to consider that will help you determine which size will be perfect for your balloon display! So, let's dive in to the top 5 things to consider when choosing the size of your balloon garland...

1. Consider your space

Is your venue indoor or outdoor?

Indoor venues tend to give us a lot more options when it comes to styling balloon garlands, but that doesn’t mean to say outdoor venues are off the table - they most definitely aren’t!  

If you’re holding your party indoors, consider where you’d like to position your garland. Is it against a wall? On a backdrop? Above a table? At the entry? Having a rough idea of the size of where you’re going to position the garland will help make your size decision. 

Holding your party outdoors? Consider if your garland is going on a stand-alone backdrop (like our Balloon Stand) or attached to a park shade cover or fence? If you’re wanting it to go from the ground up, make sure you have something sitting underneath it to prevent the balloons from damage (or poppage!) against sharp objects like sticks/rocks. Again, it’s best to have a rough idea of the size of where you’d like to attach it to to help guide your decision making process.

2. Consider your backdrop

After you’ve decided on the venue for your party, the next step in terms of balloon garland size is to choose what type of background you’ll attach it to.

We've listed some common options below for you to consider:

Hoop or Mesh Stand: These come in a variety of sizes, but the most common are usually 1.8m to 2m diameter frames. This is the size our website pics are taken on also for reference. We recommend a 3.5m regular size garland for these frames as the most common size, but each of our different size kits can also work - it really depends on personal preference.  The pics below demonstrate how each of the sizes (1.5m, 3.5m and 5m) can be styled on the same size hoop.

Arch backdrop: Wooden arch backdrops are becoming incredibly popular and we love the flexibility they give to garland styling. Your garland can go up one side, across the top, between two arches, separated into two clusters… the options are endless. 

Because of this, we can honestly say that all of our size options will also work on the arch backdrops, it really depends on the vibe you are going for.  If you’d like just a small cluster on one side as an accent then the 1.5m will be plenty. If you’re looking for something up one side and across the top, we recommend a 3.5m regular size. If you’re looking for something really full at the base, up the side and then perhaps an additional cluster on the opposite side then go for the 5m upsize so you definitely have plenty! 


Wall: No backdrop, no problemo! One of our fave features of our garlands is being able to attach them to a wall without the necessity of a separate backdrop.  All you’ll need is some removable hooks (we recommend 3M brand) and some curling ribbon or zipties and your garland is good to go.  In terms of choosing your size, the most important factor here is to consider the size of the wall. A huge wall and a tiny garland is going to look a little odd, so make sure you choose something large enough to stand out and not get lost.


3. Consider your purpose

As in all big life decisions (yes, balloon garland size is up there 😉) it’s essential to consider the purpose of your garland.  

Are you wanting it to be a photo backdrop? If so, the bigger the better - we recommend a 3.5m regular or 5m upsize.


Are you looking for something at the entry of your party to welcome guests? Perhaps on an easel/signage or similar? Something small like our mini 1.5m garland or even a helium bunch kit is going to be more what you’re after.  If you’re after a grand scale entry or something for your guests to walk through as they enter, then go big!

Decorating the area above your cake or food table? You may only need a mini 1.5m as you’re likely attaching to a wall and just looking for a pop of colour above the food table. 

Looking to create a unique shape? We love the versatility of our kits to help you create whatever your imagination wanders to! 

4. Consider your transportation

There’s no point choosing the upsize 5m balloon garland if you drive a hatchback and can’t make the garland at the venue! It’s important to consider how you’ll transport the balloons to the party location (if you need to transport them) and if it’s an option to build the garland at the venue beforehand to avoid transportation issues. 

If you only have a small car then don’t feel you need to be out of the garland game altogether!  If you need to trim a garland to fit it into a car then all you need to do is snip the decorating strip and then rejoin the pieces together using zipties afterwards.  

5. Consider the inclusions of each size kit

It’s important to know exactly what you’ll receive in each of our size kit options. These are listed in the product descriptions of individual garlands but we’ll pop them below also so it’s all in one place for you.

1.5m Mini Kit: 35 x 30cm balloons + 12 x 12 cm balloons

2m Midi Kit: 45-50 x 30cm balloons + 15 x 12 cm balloons

3.5m Regular Kit: 60-65 x 30cm balloons + 20 x 12cm balloons + 2 x 60cm balloons

5m Upsize Kit: 90 x 30cm balloons + 30 x 12cm balloons + 3 x 60cm balloons

If you’re after jumbo balloons in the mini or midi kits, these can be added on as extras.

Hopefully this helps you determine which size you need fore your next event. If you have any additional questions you can pop over to our FAQs or Video Tutorials to learn more.

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February 14, 2023