6 quick hacks for balloon bunch kits


Did you know that helium-filled balloons are time-sensitive?

Air inflated balloons (like our DIY balloon garland kits) will last F-O-R-E-V-E-R but helium filled ones (like our DIY bunch kits) are a little more on the precious side...

Want to get the best out of your bunch kit?

Follow these quick hacks to help increase the longevity of your helium balloons!


Tip 1. Inflate your balloons with helium as close as possible to the time of the event.  If you’re getting them inflated at a local party store, make sure you tell them what time the party starts so they can inflate accordingly and not too early.

Tip 2. If possible, avoid inflating the day before the party (especially with double stuffed balloons). If necessary to inflate the day beforehand, use single layers only and ask for hi-float to be used to increase the longevity of the helium. In general a standard 30cm size balloon will float for 8-10 hours indoors, however when filled with hi-float it can last up to 2 days. 

Tip 3. Use high-quality balloons only - like ours! The quality of the balloon can impact how long it holds helium. Look for high-quality balloons made from latex or mylar.

Tip 4. Avoid extreme temperatures. Helium expands in heat and contracts in cold, so keep the balloons away from extreme temperatures. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or near heat sources.

Tip 5. Make sure the balloons aren’t over-inflated - this is the most common cause of balloons popping!

Tip 6. Avoid rubbing balloons together. When balloons rub against each other, they can create friction, which can cause them to deflate faster. Keep them apart and avoid rubbing them together where possible. 

March 05, 2023