Unexpected Party trends of 2023

This year is well underway and party-planners are already setting some of the most surprising party trends for 2023.

These trends have guests experiencing unforgettable celebrations and as a party store that is all about turning moments into memories - we are here for it. 

Here are some of the unexpected party trends you'll see emerging in 2023:


The newest and hottest trend on the party scene - balloon bubble houses.

The popularity of these balloon bubble houses have really ramped up in the US over the last few months, so we predict Australia to catch on pretty quickly.

They are basically a clear igloo which kids can climb into and jump around with balloons floating around like colourful bubbles.

Not only does it look incredible, but it provides hours of entertainment - win/win!  We’ve discovered this awesome Queensland-based business called Mini Party People who have Queensland’s first ever bubble house available for hire from next month.

Balloon Bubble House

Inspired & want to DIY?

Hire a bubble house and decorate the outside with a Balloon Garland Kit + coordinate matching colours for inside the bubble here using a combination of regular 30cm balloons and mini 12cm balloons and you'll have yourself an epic party display that provides unforgettable entertainment.



As environmental awareness continue to grow, sustainable party decorations and tableware is becoming increasingly popular. Expect to see more plant-based decorations, recyclable materials, and eco-friendly lighting options at your events. 

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality and aesthetics when you have options like these to choose from.

The Meri Meri range of
colored simply eco eco-friendly plates are beautiful and sturdy! Made from 100% natural and compostable bamboo materials, they are dyed with soy-based inks in soft pastel colors and have a cornstarch-based lining.

Inspired & want to DIY?

Here at The Pop-Up Party Co. we're big on educating and curating collections that offer sustainable and environmentally friendly party options.

That's why you'll find our balloons are made from plant-based materials and are plastic-free + we stock a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable party supplies.

Here are our top 3 tips to DIY a sustainable party this year are:

1. Consider your tableware and opt for reusable or compostable plates, napkins, cups and utensils.

2. Use decorations that are made from paper or fabric and can be used for events or decor after the celebration.

3. Source your party foods locally - choose party foods and drinks that are sourced from your local area and support small business whilst supporting the environment too.




Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that can transport us back in time and evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. It can help us feel more connected to our personal history and the people and places that have shaped us. It's a party theme that is sure to enrich the experience for our loved ones and connect us to times that evoke those emotions and anchor them into the now.

This year it's no surprise that nostalgic parties are making a comeback. We predict the increased rise of nostalgic parties with a themed twist, inspired by Disney and other popular movies.

Inspired & want to DIY?

Want to host your own nostalgic party theme? Here are a few in particular we think will impact the party scene for 2023:


1. Super Mario (Out Now) 

Our Honeycomb Toadstool Decorations are the perfect addition to a Super Mario themed party!

Honeycomb toadstool decorations - Super Mario themed party


2. The Little Mermaid (Releasing in May 2023)

View our collection of Mermaid Party Supplies here.

Mermaid Party Theme


3. Barbie (Releasing in July 2023)

We've put together an inspiration moodboard to DIY your own Barbie themed party.


4. The Marvels (Releasing in November 2023)

Want to create your own Superhero themed party? Check out the inspiration below.

Superhero Party Theme


So there you have it! The epic party trends that we're sure you'll see emerging as this year continues. Want to plan your own party without the overwhelm? You can download our FREE party planner or shop our stress-free party packs which include everything you need, delivered to your door.

Here's to making little moments lasting memories ✨

April 24, 2023