In June this year we will celebrate our 5th business birthday! What a ridiculously fast blur of a ride these last 5 years have been?! Since January is a month of reflection and intention setting for the new year, I thought I’d pop together a little January Then (2019) vs January Now (2023) reflection of PUPC and how we’ve grown over the years...


Where were we based?

2019: PUPC was operating from my kitchen table, and then later in 2019 we moved from the table to our custom order packing shelf in my office!

Now: Our beautiful party store (actually just around the corner from my house - handy!)



Who was on the PUPC Team?

2019: Just me and my two minis (who were so incredibly helpful…always… 🤪) Finn was 3 months and Maggie was a few months off 3 years.

Now: We now have an amazing team of 5 shop staff as well as our design and marketing powerhouse of 2 who both work remotely. So grateful for my team!


Most Popular Products?

2019: Pastels were just emerging - and still going strong now! Pearls and confetti with greenery or florals in between - we’ve definitely seen these lessen in popularity in recent times.

Now: Our luxe double-stuffed have been a game changer and are clear best-sellers now.  Pastels are still strong but this year it’s all about the neutrals and boho vibes!



Daily Life?

2019: I’d answer emails and social inboxes from the car parked in my driveway as I’d have to drive around to get Finn to sleep and then I’d have a 30 minute window to get stuff done before he woke! Late nights and constantly broken sleep which all feels like a blur now.

Now: It’s a different level of crazy now! Finn is in kindy 3 days a week and Maggie 5 days at school. I work within school hours and try to keep night work to a minimum these days (which doesn’t always happen). Broken sleep is pretty rare these days (thankfully) but still not something I get too much of as I exercise at 5am every day!


It's be a wild and wonderful ride since I first started The Pop-Up Party Co. and the growth and parties we've been apart of since 2019 couldn't have happened without your support. So a BIG thank you for choosing to party with us, then and now!

January 26, 2023