"Winter Wonderland" DIY Balloon Garland Kit
"Winter Wonderland" DIY Balloon Garland Kit
"Winter Wonderland" DIY Balloon Garland Kit
"Winter Wonderland" DIY Balloon Garland Kit
"Winter Wonderland" DIY Balloon Garland Kit

"Winter Wonderland" DIY Balloon Garland Kit

$79.95 AUD

Our "Winter Wonderland" DIY balloon garland kit features matte white interwoven with baby blue, soft grey and pops of chrome silver.  The baby blue and soft grey tones are achieved through double-stuffing one balloon inside the other to create a unique, opaque effect unlike any regular balloon.  We have no doubt this one will be popular for baby showers and birthday celebrations.

Our REGULAR SIZE balloon garland kits include everything you need to create a 3.5m balloon garland.  You will receive:

  • 40 x regular (30cm) balloons in matte white and chrome silver
  • 30 x double-stuffed balloons in baby blue and pastel grey
  • 20 x mini (12cm) balloons in matching colours
  • 2 x large (60cm) matte white balloons
  • Balloon decorating strip
  • Hand pump
  • Step by step instructions (with photos) for assembly

Our UPSIZE balloon garland kits contain everything listed above but in larger quantities to create a 5m garland. 

No prior experience is necessary!  The instructions are simple and easy to follow.  The garland will take approx. 1.5 hours to assemble (although this will be quicker if you have someone to help with inflation and tying of the balloons).

Our balloon garland kits make styling your party simple yet stunning.  Balloon garlands are sure to create that definite ‘wow’ factor, and are actually a whole lot simpler to construct than they look.  The best part of it all?  You can avoid that dreaded pre-party panic by preparing your garland a day or two in advance.  Just make sure you store your inflated garland in a cool, dark room and obviously away from sharp objects.

CUSTOM ORDERS – this colour combo not what you’re looking for?  No problem!  Contact me and I can help you create the colour combo you are looking for… or if you’re not even sure what you’re looking for, just contact me and we can chat about it and work out a plan.

LOOKING FOR TABLEWARE?  Our “Winter Wonderland” balloon garland DIY kits match perfectly with our blue and iridescent foil tableware range which you can shop HERE.

Please note – balloons can pose a choking hazard for young children so please ensure they are closely supervised at all times.