First Birthday Party Themes


You did it! Congrats on the first year of raising your little one.

Time to plan one of the biggest milestones, the first birthday party!

We know this special occasion will live on in the memories books and deck the halls of your homes long after the party is over. We also know that planning your child's birthday party can be overwhelming (especially if this is your first baby). We're here to help! Ditch the party planning overwhelm and let's get this party planning underway right now - first thing on the to-do, pick your party theme!

Here are our top ten 1st Birthday Party Themes for 2023 and beyond to help inspire you:

1. Wild & One-derful (Safari Theme)

A safari themed first birthday is a wild and adventurous way to celebrate your little one's special day. From animal print decorations to jungle-inspired treats, you can create a party that's sure to delight both kids and adults alike. Consider setting up a photo booth with a "Into the Wild" balloon garland backdrop and animal masks and props, or having a safari scavenger hunt for the little ones. And don't forget to serve up some tasty treats and a fruit platter with a variety of tropical fruits. It's sure to be a roaring success!


Safari Themed First Birthday



2. First Bee-Day (Winnie the Pooh Theme)

A Winnie the Pooh First Bee-Day party theme is a delightful and charming way to celebrate a child's first birthday. Decorations could include yellow and white balloons, a honeycomb-shaped cake, and Winnie the Pooh themed party favors. Activities could include a pin-the-tail-on-Eeyore game and a "Honey Jar" where guest write a little note for your child to read when they've grown up. This theme is sure to create sweet memories!

3. One-der the Sea (Mermaid Theme)

One-der the Sea is perfect for any little mermaid fans. Start by decorating the space with mermaid inspired tableware & decorations and a fun balloon garland. Serve food and drinks that fit the theme, such as blue punch, fish-shaped sandwiches and cupcakes. For activities, set up a bubble machine for the little ones and consider having a craft station where guests can make their own seashell necklaces. Don't forget to play some fun under-the-sea themed music and send guests home with their own mermaid party favours.

4. Some Bunny is One (Peter Rabbit Theme)

A Peter Rabbit themed first birthday party can be a perfect way to celebrate your little bunny's special day. Set the scene with green and white decorations (like our "Surf's Up" DIY Balloon Garland Kit), including plush bunnies and carrot accents. Serve snacks like carrots, fresh fruits, and veggies, and decorate the cake with a fondant characters. Party activities an include a Peter Rabbit Scavenger Hunt. With a little creativity and attention to detail, your Peter Rabbit themed party is sure to be a hopping success. 

Peter Rabbit Party Theme


5. One Around the Sun (Bohemian Theme)

A "One Around the Sun" bohemian first birthday party theme is all about celebrating the little one's journey around the sun during their first year of life. This theme is perfect for parents who love a boho-chic style with a touch of whimsy. Think dreamcatchers, colourful tapestries, and beautiful floral arrangements. For the little ones, set up a teepee or play area with soft blankets and plush toys. Serve up delicious snacks and treats like fresh fruit skewers, cupcakes, and mini sandwiches. Make sure to capture the memories with a DIY photo booth area complete with fun props and a polaroid camera. With this theme, you're sure to create a magical and memorable first birthday celebration.

6. The Big ONE (Construction Theme)

"The Big One" is the perfect theme for a little construction lover. Decorate with a modern take on the construction theme by using our Diggin' It Balloon Garland Kit, construction cones, and toy trucks. Serve up snacks in hard hats and the back of toy trucks and cupcakes with construction toppers. You could even provide a ute-load of dirt or sand in the yard and let the little ones run wild with toy tools and trucks. It's sure to be a memorable and fun-filled day for all the little builders and their families.

7. Bear-y First Birthday (Teddy Bear Theme)

The Teddy Bear themed first birthday party is an adorable and fun way to celebrate your little one's special day. With cuddly teddy bears as the main attraction, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for both children and adults. From teddy bear decorations to teddy bear-shaped treats, this party theme is sure to bring out the inner child in everyone. Make sure to capture every moment with lots of photos of your little one surrounded by their favourite cuddly toys.

Teddy Bear Birthday Theme


8. One-in-a-melon (Tropical Theme)

This theme is all about bright colors, watermelons, and a fun tropical vibe. You can decorate with tropical-inspired decor, such as a watermelon piñata and our Tropicana DIY Balloon Garland Kit. Serve up watermelon slices, tropical fruit skewers, and colorful drinks with cute straws. Guests can wear tropical outfits, and the birthday baby can wear a cute watermelon-themed outfit. This theme is sure to create a memorable and fun celebration for all!

9. Groovy One (Daisy Theme)

A very trendy and playful first birthday theme - daisy! With bright yellow, pink and white decorations, such as paper daisy garlands, daisy bloom balloons, and floral centerpieces, can make the party feel playful and whimsical. A daisy shaped cake, flower-shaped cookies, and snacks in yellow, pink and white hues can add to the theme. For activities, you could have a daisy crown-making station or a photo booth with daisy props. A daisy themed first birthday party is a great way to celebrate your child's special day with family and friends.



10. My First Rodeo (Country Theme)

"My First Rodeo" is a fun and unique theme for a first birthday party. This rodeo-inspired party can include decorations like earthy toned balloons, farm themed tableware, cowboy hats, boots, and bandanas. You can serve classic western food like BBQ and corn on the cob. For entertainment, you can have a pony ride or set up a mini rodeo ring with games like a lasso toss. You can even ask your guests to dress up for the party! Your little cowboy or cowgirl and their guests will have a blast at this memorable birthday celebration.

We hope this has helped you in deciding a theme for your little one's very first birthday celebration. If you'd like a little more help planning your event, you can find our FREE party planner checklist here.

Happy party planning!

May 11, 2023