Hosting a backyard party is always a blast, but why settle for the ordinary when you can create something truly magical? Balloon garlands are the perfect way to add a pop of colour and cohesiveness (depending on your party theme) to your outdoor festivities. Let's explore three fun and imaginative ways to style a balloon garland for your backyard party.


Bounce into Fun: Balloon Garland on Your Trampoline

What better way to kick off your backyard bash than by turning your springfree trampoline into a dazzling display with a balloon garland? To style a balloon garland on your trampoline, start by selecting your DIY Balloon Garland Kit or choose your own colours to match your party theme.

Attach the balloons to a sturdy string or fishing line, and then you can either drape the garland around the perimeter of the trampoline netting or attach it to the front of the trampoline. Add a few extra balloons to the trampoline itself for an extra touch of playfulness. Your guests will be bouncing with excitement!

Pictured below is Australia's safest & highest quality trampoline by Springfree Trampoline with our "Into the Wild" DIY Balloon Garland Kit.

Balloon Garland styled on Trampoline for backyard party

Up, Up, and Away: Balloon Garland on Your Cubby House

If you have a cubby house in your backyard, why not elevate its charm with a whimsical balloon garland? Begin by choosing a DIY Balloon Garland Kit that complement the colours of your cubby house or matches your party theme. Pastel shades work beautifully for a soft, dreamy ambiance, while bold and vibrant colors create a lively atmosphere for your little ones.

Secure the balloon garland to a string or ribbon, and carefully drape the garland along the roofline of the cubby house - use sticky removable hooks if needed. You can also attach balloons to the door or windows for an extra touch of magic. Watch as your little ones' faces light up with joy when they see their cubby house transformed into a party masterpiece.

Pictured below is the Marlie Cubby House by Hide and Seek Kids with our "Into the Wild" DIY Balloon Garland Kit.

Balloon garland styled on cubby house


Party Central: Balloon Garland on Your Back Patio

Your back patio is the heart of your outdoor party, so why not turn it into a balloon-filled paradise? To style a balloon garland on your patio, choose a DIY Balloon Garland Kit in a variety of colours to match your party theme. Attach the ends of your balloon garland to a string and then hang it across the patio's main focal points, such as the railings or pergola. You can also incorporate fresh greenery or fairy lights for an added touch of whimsy. Get ready to create an backyard party backdrop that will have your guests dancing with delight!

Balloon Garland styled on back patio for outdoor party

When it comes to backyard parties, a little creativity can go a long way. By incorporating a balloon garland into your outdoor decor, you can transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Whether you're bouncing on the trampoline, exploring the cubby house, or lounging on the back patio, these three stylish ideas will take your backyard party to new heights. So, grab your balloons, get your creative juices flowing, and let the magic begin!
May 21, 2023