Choosing to DIY your party decorations doesn't mean it has to look DIY too. If you want to wow your guests and have a professional looking Balloon Garland (that you made yourself) at your next event, follow these simple tips & tricks below.


TIP #1: Do not Over-Inflate the Balloons

If you notice your balloon has become more of a light-bulb shape then there’s only one thing to do - STOP! This means your balloon is inflated and is more likely to pop because the rubber latex is so stretched out. When this happens, the air will displace into the neck of the balloon which creates a bulge and makes it tricky to tie and even tricker to thread onto the decorating strip. If you feel your balloons are a little over-inflated, just release some air before tying and then push against your tummy to soften and round the shape.

See our pics below as a guide:


TIP #2: Keep it Tight

The secret weapon in our DIY balloon garland kits is our balloon decorating strip which holds all of the balloons together. The balloon decorating strip is a flexible plastic strip with holes in it for you to thread the balloons onto. 

When you start your garland, you’ll be placing balloons in every hole to keep your garland nice and tight.  As you move along the strip, you’ll need to skip a few holes here and there or the garland will be too tight and balloons will start popping out.  The key is just to skip a few holes and then start to thread your balloons into every 3-5 holes instead of every hole.  Just make sure your garland doesn’t get too loose or you’ll end up with a gappy garland. 

Our best advice to avoid this is to take your time and step back to look at your garland every 10 or so balloons to make sure it’s not looking gappy - trust us when we say you’ll notice straight away if it is!


TIP #3: Add Mini Balloons

We see from time to time a garland without the mini balloons applied and it breaks my heart! Your mini balloons are provided in the kit for a reason, and it’s an important one!

Once you’ve threaded all of your regular size balloons onto the decorating strip, the bulk of your garland is done. However, once you pop it up onto the stand/wall you’ll need to pop on the mini balloons using the glue dots provided.  It’s a quick and easy job but it makes a world of difference to the final look of the garland.  Not only does it plug any gaps that may appear, but it adds another dimension of size, depth and sophistication!


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January 05, 2023