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Coronavirus and its social impact have hit us hard in Australia. It’s got us double thinking our every move. So, when I had to cancel my son’s seventh birthday party that was organised before physical distancing, #stayhome and iso became the lingo that defined 2020, it was time to think outside the square.

But not outside of the house. Because, lockdown.

If you’re searching for ways to celebrate a birthday during Coronavirus, here are the best ideas to help you party like it’s 1999. Or like it’s the good old days when you could have people around. And when washing your hands wasn’t a life or death situation.

How to celebrate a birthday party in Coronavirus isolation

Here’s the ultimate list of party ideas that observe the Coronavirus restrictions and keep your family safe. We used a few of them for my little man’s birthday and it made for a far more meaningful, memorable day than I imagined.

1. Host a drive-by party

Invite your guests to drive past your house at a set time in a parade of cheering, music, tooting, waving, decorations and throwing gifts. Keep it a surprise for your child and watch their delight as friends they haven’t seen in ages come by.

2. Treasure hunt

Every child loves to search for chocolate coins, tiny toys or treats in the backyard! Use your lounge room, rumpus or living zone if you don’t have a garden.

3. Virtual surprise party

Ask your loved ones to record a special birthday message and put it together in one big collage of love using Vidhug.

4. DIY decorations

Get down and DIY your decorations. We’re all at home crafting with kids anyway, right? Check Pinterest for easy paper-based ideas or choose a DIY balloon garland from The Pop Up Party Co to really make your child’s day! There are three different sizes that would make an awesome backdrop for your virtual celebrations, a lounge room picnic or even as a surprise for your child to wake up to on their birthday morning. Or grab a party at home pack that has everything from decorations to a cake topper for the ultimate easy peasy lockdown party.

5. Photo flip

Look through old photos as a family. You could even make a slideshow to watch on TV – and share it with family as a gift for them too.

6. Live character video call

Imagine Elsa, Woody, Superwoman or Moana calling for a live video chat with your child! You can book almost every character you can think of for a live call or personalised video message with Pistachio Entertainment.

7. Get baking

Make the birthday cake or cupcakes together! Keep it simple and set up the icing, decorations and toppers beforehand so your mini man or little lady can focus on the fun. Cupcake kits like this troupe of safari animals make it even easier – and the paper can be recycled after too.

8. Virtual dance party

Shake off those Corona blues and get everyone grooving with a virtual dance party on Zoom, Messenger or in a Facebook event. Invite all your friends, set up some coloured lights and get dressed up to dance the house down.

9. Teddy bear picnic

Take your lunch outside into the garden for a teddy bear picnic. If you live near the bush like me, take teddy on a bushwalk and find a special spot to spread out your picnic. To make it extra special, use some coloured plates (I love these eco ones)and bright decorations. Make sure anything you take outside or into the bush comes back home.

10. Share the cake cutting on Zoom

Book in a time with your loved ones around the world to join in the cake cutting on Zoom. It’s a wonderful way for family across the globe to get together and feel part of the day as you sing happy birthday to your wildling.

After we did the cake, we put some pieces out on the porch in a container for some of our local family to drop by and pick up – so they could see the cake and eat it too.

11. Play digital charades

Have lots of laughs and fun with this classic game that all ages can play. Set it up on Zoom and enjoy that old fashioned feeling of actually doing something with others outside of your family.

12. Make pizza for dinner and have a movie night

My children love mixing the dough, seeing it rise, rolling it out and then decorating their own pizza with favourite toppings. Add in a family movie, a slice of leftover cake for dessert and say goodnight to a very happy little human who has had probably the most memorable birthday of their life!

BONUS TIP. However you decide to celebrate, spread the activities out over the day so you have things to look forward to. Lockdown days are long, so let’s make sure your Coronavirus birthday celebrations are next level amazing!

Have you got a birthday party planned during Coronavirus? Let me know below how you’re celebrating or what you’re organising.


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April 13, 2020