The truth about cheap balloons and why quality matters for your party


Today, we want to have a little chat about something that often takes the wind out of the party sails – cheap discounted balloons 🎈

We understand the allure of bargain prices, but when it comes to balloons, it's essential to remember the old saying: "You get what you pay for!" The excitement of finding a cheap deal can quickly fade away when you end up with low-quality balloons that don't meet your expectations. We're often contacted by party planners who are desperately trying to salvage their party plans after discovering that the cheap balloons they purchased were not what they thought...

Here's what you can expect from cheap discounted balloons and why investing in high-quality, plant-based latex balloons is the way to go:


Package Arrival Panic

We've all been there - eagerly waiting for a package to arrive, only to be greeted by something that looks nothing like what was advertised online. Cue panic when your party is right around the corner. Cheap balloon suppliers often use misleading images and exaggerated product descriptions. When you shop with us, what you see is what you get.

Our balloons are precisely as depicted and when you follow our simple step-by-step instructions you can create the same look as pictured, so you can trust that your decorations will be everything you envisioned and more!


Pop Goes the Party

Imagine spending hours decorating your party with cheap balloons, and before the party has even begun, you hear a loud "POP!" One balloon burst, and before you know it, there's a chain reaction... 🎈💥 Cheap balloons are made from cheap materials and may not undergo the same rigorous quality checks, leaving you with the risk of unexpected pops and disappointments during your party.

Opting for high-quality balloons made from plant-based latex reduces the risk of sudden pops and is durable enough to last days (even weeks if assembled and cared for properly).


Deflated Party Dreams

Unfortunately, some cheap balloons you find online are made using plastic or synthetic materials, which not only harm the environment but also lack the buoyancy and resilience of genuine rubber latex balloons. Picture this: your beautifully arranged balloon garland or bunch slowly losing its life, drooping down like a wilting flower, deflating your party's spirit as well. Deflated, lifeless balloons are a mood killer for sure 😞

Our balloons are designed to retain helium and air for extended periods, so your decorations stay bouncy and beautiful for longer.


Balloons with a Side of Toxic Pollution

Did you know that some cheap balloons are cut with plastic? 🚫 Plastic contamination can lead to environmental pollution and add to landfill as they can't be recycled through our balloon recycling program. They can also contain other harsh chemicals making them toxic and unsafe.

Our high-quality balloons are made from a natural rubber latex, derived from rubber trees, making them completely plastic-free and eco-friendly. You can celebrate without guilt, knowing you're making a positive party choice for the environment!

Colours that Fade Away

Colours play a vital role in setting the mood for your party. However, cheap balloons may not be able to maintain their vibrant hues. After a short while, they might look washed out and lacklustre.

Premium balloons come in a wide array of colours and hold their hue for a longer period of time.


In a nutshell, investing in high-quality, plant-based latex balloons ensures a stress-free and visually stunning party experience. Remember, the quality of your balloons can significantly impact the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of your celebration. By choosing well-crafted balloons, you can rest assured that your decorations will elevate your party memories and not deflate your party dreams.

So, the next time you're tempted by cheap discounted balloons, take a moment to consider the real value they offer and consider the fact that it's highly likely you won't receive anything like the picture. Choose quality over fleeting savings and make your party truly unforgettable! Ready to find the perfect balloons to lift your celebrations to new heights? Shop our DIY Kits here 🎈🎈🎈

Happy party planning 🥳

August 06, 2023