Ready to explore the ways you can make more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices when hosting an event and embrace Plastic Free July 🌿♻️

Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

Here at PUPC we take our environmental responsibility seriously and are always looking for ways to improve our eco-friendly collection and educate ourselves and our customers on how we can all party more responsibly.

Learn all about what we're doing to reduce our impact and all tips to make your party pop without impacting this beautiful planet we live on 🌎



Our balloons are NOT made of plastic

We only use high-quality plastic-free balloons! Our balloons are made from natural latex, a plant-based material which is a type of rubber. Latex is a milky sap obtained from rubber trees, and it is collected and processed to create various products, including balloons. 

Cheaper balloons (discount stores - we’re looking at you) use balloons which are cut with plastic and synthetic polymers which are NOT natural. 

However, if you shop with us, you can rest assured knowing you're making a sustainable choice.




We have a growing collection of eco-friendly and reusable party supplies

Our eco-friendly collection is growing rapidly with new products joining the range consistently. We've recently added eco-friendly paper tablecloths, reusable cake stands and stock the popular Meri Meri Simply Eco range. 


We've drastically reduced plastic in our packaging

We are in the process of rolling out a number of changes to our packaging to remove plastic from our every day processes.  

  • Postage satchels - we have switched to Hero Packaging compostable satchels. HEROPACKS are made from home-compostable materials, mainly corn starch and PBAT (a compostable ingredient which bonds the renewable ingredients together). 
  • New balloon garland kit boxes - these are still on their way from the manufacturer but we can’t wait to unveil our new fully recyclable design! Watch this space for more info 📦✨
  • Compostable sticky tape - Natural adhesive, compostable sticky tape to package our boxes 
  • Compostable hex wrap and bubble wrap for fragile items - no more plastic bubble wrap 🌱
  • Biodegradable bags now hold our balloons which are included in our DIY Balloon Garland & Bunch Kits

We introduced a local balloon recycling program

Through a new Terracycle program we are now able to collect and recycle any brand of latex & foil balloons in-store.


TIP #1 Party with high quality compostable tableware... 

Invest in high-quality compostable tableware such as the Meri Meri Simply Eco and compostable range. They are made with bamboo pulp and cornstarch and the inks used in their colouring are soy-based so no nasties here!



TIP #2 Choose plant-based balloons over cheap plastic ones... 

The balloons you choose matter. We only use high quality plant-based balloons that are made from a natural latex (NOT PLASTIC).

TIP #3
Use your balloon decorations in more than one way

You can use your Balloon Garlands for multiple purposes over a single celebration (such as decorating for the birthday morning with gifts, the party decorations and then as a backdrop for a DIY photoshoot to capture pictures post event) and then pass the garland on to someone in your area to get additional uses of the garland before pinning and binning the balloons. Our Balloon Garlands can last for weeks if inflated and cared for correctly.

Foil balloons and number balloons can be carefully deflated using a straw and then packed away to reuse again for another celebration (particularly helpful if you have multiple children).


TIP #4 Be savvy and reuse your party decorations... 

Let's get creative and explore sustainable ways you can repurpose your post-party supplies 🤗

There are several benefits to reusing and repurposing decorations and tableware including saving you time and money, promoting sustainability, and reducing waste 🌿💫

  1.  Reuse for Future Events
    Keep the decorations and leftover tableware organised and store them properly for future events. You can reuse banners, cake toppers, tablecloths, candles and more provided they're in good shape.
  2.  Home Decor
    Get creative and repurpose party decorations in your home. You can use garlands as wall hangings in your kids bedrooms or playroom, cut out fun shapes from prints of your decorations or tableware and turn them into a quirky collage to frame or trim cupcake toppers to use as 3D wall decals.
  3.  Playtime Accessories
    Stock up the kids cubby house or play kitchen with leftover party supplies for playtime. Use party hats, wands and treat boxes as dress-up accessories. Older children can use toppers as toy characters during playtime too.
  4.  Gift Wrapping
    Upcycle your leftover party supplies as gift wrapping materials. Cut out colourful patterns and use shapes from banners, plates or napkins to create unique gift tags or embellishments for gifts.
  5.  Arts & Craft
    Utilise empty paper cups as storage for small art supplies like beads, buttons or sequins. They can help keep your craft supplies organized and easily accessibl. Use plates and other tableware as paint palettes and let your children use the remaining decorations to cut, paste and get creative with.


So there you have it. Our top tips on how you can party responsibly and an update on our efforts to do the same! Do you have any suggestions to add or fun ways to repurpose your party supplies?

Happy repurposing party people!

July 05, 2023