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"Winter Wonderland" Balloon Bunch (Inflated)

Pumped to Party! This balloon bunch will be inflated with helium and ready for you to collect in-store. Please find all the information you'll need on our Pumped to Party service here.

Our "Winter Wonderland" balloon bunch kit features matte white with baby blue, soft grey and pops of chrome silver.  The baby blue and soft grey tones are achieved through double-stuffing one balloon inside the other to create a unique, opaque effect unlike any regular balloon.  We have no doubt this one will be popular for baby showers and birthday celebrations.

  • 12 x regular (30cm) size helium-quality balloons in a carefully curated colour palette (matte white, baby blue, soft grey and chrome silver  - includes some double-stuffed balloons)
  • 2 x foil feature balloons in matching colours
  • Inflated with helium
  • Bunched with ribbons and a balloon weight

Please note: Balloons can pose a choking hazard for young children so please ensure they are closely supervised at all times.

The actual product may vary slightly from the picture.