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Confetti - Rose Gold + Pink - Illume Partyware

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Delightful rose gold, pink, peach and white confetti packaged in clear round box.

Colour: Metallic rose gold, pink, peach and white.

Size: 20mm round discs.

Material: Foil and paper.

Packaging: Round clear box 12cm high x 4cm wide.

Illume Partyware’s Rose Gold and Pink Confetti is a paper confetti crafted from fine metallic rose gold foil and soft pink, white and peach paper. Each round confetti dot is 20mm in diameter, making it the perfect complement to a celebratory occasion. Traditionally, confetti is used as table scatters or is thrown at celebrations such as weddings creating a beautiful shower. The delicate Rose Gold confetti makes the perfect complement to any celebration.

When used as a decoration, you can sprinkle a present table with confetti or add a special sparkle to a dessert or drinks table. Consider adding confetti to gift and favour bags, or also add it amongst the layers of a ‘pass the parcel’ game or simply hand out bundles to your guests to throw in the air.